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Track Name: Intro/Downward Fall
Downward fall

Weight falls on my back
Lost all feeling, lost all want
Fighting to regain my hate
Fighting to regain my power

Taken for a fool
One too many times
Put my trust in you
A one-eyed king gone blind

Lost in my own head
Lost all hope for myself
A downward fall
All balance lost
Track Name: Sacrifice
Walls of fear I've built with time have trapped me once again
Line after line, fear dictates crime
Without this I am damned

And bleed
Sacrifice everything to find the pain you need

Just how many times, must the hammer strike the stone
Giving up every ounce of self
Shattered every bone
Track Name: Hammer
I've seen straight through
Straight through the coward's eyes
Extended hand retreats
He's set his own demise

You are not welcome here
Life lived behind a mask
Come and show your true self
Target of our attack

Bringing the hammer to your skull
Bringing the hammer down

One day the hammer will catch you
You will drop down by force
The day the nightmare takes over
With no remorse

Taking back what you've scarred
Taking back what's mine
A fool's death is all you've earned
We stand above as you burn
Track Name: Concrete Jungle
Weakness takes hold of you
Ten fingers around your throat
Gone and now forgotten
A legacy buried in smoke

The jungle will swallow you whole
Drown you in concrete
Life lived on your knees

The concrete jungle swallows you
Vultures circle
You've been picked through

Ten fingers
Gripped around your throat

Live life on your knees